Essential Oils

Purchasing kits will always guarantee you the best value, but if you're interested in ordering specific products, you can shop here.


Healthy Start Kit

Doterra’s top 10 essential oils will help you be prepared for anything. The diffuser gets you breathing cleaner, more uplifting, air, right away. It’s a great way to get started! Pair it with the Healthy Habits Kit and have all the tools you need to move the needle on your health.

When you have health issues, it means something has been out of balance for some time. This foundational kit will get you started with everything you need to wake your body up with complete nutritional support, give you tools to get you moving, begin to support healthy digestion, and protect from environmental and digestive threats. 90 days of this program will change your life!


Healthy Habits Kit


Healthy Home Kit

Cleaning up our bodies makes us want to clean up our environment as well. The On Guard product line will provide deep cleaning while eliminating toxins all too commmon in household cleaners. You’ll also get to detox your hair and the air you breathe, while keeping things smelling amazing!!

This is a great kit if you want to get the membership free and especially if you have a special oil you need that is not in the other kits. Build your own!!


Simple Solutions Kit


Natural Solutions Kit

The Medicine Cabinet Makeover kit. This kit will support you at every step of building your health. From the best nutritional supplements, to Deep Blue Rub, Oils for Physical and emotional support, and our famous OnGuard products, you will experience natural living at all levels. It’s well worth the investment at $550. If you are serious about changing your health this is the kit for you.

This is for 3 types of customers: if you want to be able to mix up any and every recipe in the book, or you want to build a doTERRA business, or you are a very strategic planner, getting it all at once may be right for you. You’ll have one of every doTERRA product with saving over $866, get 400 product points to spend on future purchases, 25% back on every purchase, and can just budget for your continuing supplements and you are on your way. Lifestyle Transformation!


Diamond Kit