Changing Courses

Changing Courses Parenting is always a rigorous course where you are taught self-denial via sleep deprivation, dining on cold leftovers after dizzying feats of food prep and waitressing, and choosing piano lessons over pedicures for many years. You learn to love your children more than anyone else’s precisely because you have given up so much [...]

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Roller bottles for everyday Kid Stuff

Which roller bottles should I make for everyday kid stuff?   Balance:  Use in the morning for emotional stability – the tantrum tamer (works for mommy meltdowns too!) and before homework. On Guard: Morning or evening on their feet – protection from whatever comes their way today. InTune:  Up the Spine and at the brain [...]

Mom, I’d Rather Do It Myself!

Mom, I’d Rather Do It Myself!  When we think about using essential oils consistently for ourselves and our kids, it can seem overwhelming…especially if you have a houseful.  Guess what?  Your kids want to help! They know they need the oils, and they can remember to get themselves ready for the day with just a [...]

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