The New Alternative – Integration

The New Alternative - Integration With healthcare costs and prescription drug related deaths on the rise, and opioid addictions a huge concern for doctors and pharmacists nationwide, we can’t afford not to look for safer, cheaper, more effective healthcare solutions.  Integrating plant-based solutions is the answer.  We can get the best, most cost-effective solutions when [...]

Sleep and Sugar Intake

Contributed by Dr. Damian Rodriguez, DHSc, MS Introduction There are so many misconceptions in nutrition and health, but one of the few scientifically-substantiated and generalizable recommendations is that we could almost all benefit from decreasing our intake of sugar. With its inclusion in pretty much every processed food, limiting sugar consumption is often easier said [...]

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10 Big Wins with Green Smoothies

10 Big Wins with Green Smoothies People ask me, “How can you drink that slime?” referring to my delicious, but decidedly green smoothie. I had been on a little bit of auto-pilot on this, so I thought I’d sit down and list my 10 winning reasons for drinking “slime”, as my friend calls it I [...]

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