Amy Sellers

Amy is the mother of ten (yes ten!) healthy, and active children with ages spanning from 36 to 16.  She enjoys spending time with each of her 14 grandchildren and is a successful doTERRA Business Coach and Diamond Creator.  She is an avid and adventurous scuba diver.  Other hobbies and interests include dancing, sewing, cooking, performing community service, travel, white water rafting, bicycling and reading.  She has a true passion for keeping her family healthy and enjoys helping others be healthy as well.

FAQ’s with Amy

Q – What’s your favorite oil?

A – I am in love with Wild Orange’s energizing scent (I can’t get enough!) but I also appreciate oils for the jobs they do for me.  Balance in the morning, Peace Touch at bedtime.  I wouldn’t want to be without those.


Q – Which oils are sun-sensitizing?

A – All Citrus oils, except Green Mandarin, can cause extra sun sensitivity (sunburn faster) for up to 12 hours after application on that site.  So use them “where the sun don’t shine” and you’re fine!

Q – How much do I use for different ages/sizes?

A – In a 10ml roller bottle: 1-2 drops for infants/toddlers, 3-4 drops school age kids, 5-6 for teens and adults