10 Big Wins with Green Smoothies

10 Big Wins with Green Smoothies

People ask me, “How can you drink that slime?” referring to my delicious, but decidedly green smoothie. I had been on a little bit of auto-pilot on this, so I thought I’d sit down and list my 10 winning reasons for drinking “slime”, as my friend calls it

  1. I eat large quantities of amazingly nutritious greens that I had never been eating before – kale, beet greens, chard, and loads of raw spinach. Think of the nutrition – and I didn’t need a bunch of high-fat, chemical-laden salad dressings to make those greens palatable. They are delicious without high-fructose corn syrup, msg, and rancid, refined oils. WIN √
  2. I am eliminating cravings! For under 300 calories per quart, I get to fill up on vitamins and minerals my body demands, so I eliminate a whole list of cravings. And after filling up with a quart of the good stuff, think of all the empty calories I’m naturally be passing by… WIN √
  3. I’m eating more like people were intended to eat – largely plant-based, providing a great whole food source of minerals my body needs. I’m eating leaner and greener! Eating lower on the food chain helps me do my part for sustainable living. WIN √
  4. My high-powered blender breaks down the plant cellulose so well that the nutrients are predigested and ready to be absorbed. Better than those once a day pills, for sure! WIN √
  5. You get more live enzymes in green smoothies than you do in any other foods. It’s true; the veggie juicers did the test thinking that juicing would come out on top, and they had to eat their words. (Pun intended;-). And enzymes are necessary for life, so I want those – WIN √
  6. Smoothies keep all the fiber of the plant, which absorb toxins and keeps your digestive track movin’ on down the line. Good health requires low toxicity and high-nutrition; smoothies are a WIN on both counts √ √
  7. Green smoothies are portable – you can make them ahead and grab & go in the morning for a healthy breakfast on your morning commute. WIN √
  8. Green smoothies are super-fast! You can make 2 quarts in less than 4 minutes and clean in up in 1. A 5-minute nutritional boost made with real food that you want to eat – and one for a friend …or tomorrow. WIN √
  9. All those greens and fruit are super affordable, whether you are counting pennies or calories (don’t!) you’ll come out ahead with green smoothies. Delicious & nutritious for about $2 a quart. WIN √
  10. They taste amazing!! Green smoothies are something to look forward to – with plenty of fruity goodness, they are a great way to start my day off right! WIN √ √

Don’t believe that last one? Click here for a few of my favorite recipes and see for yourself!

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